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Whether you are already in the Turkey market or just entering it, BePro can help you deliver sales
more successfully and efficiently. The main problem is the lack of telemarketing services for foreign
investors in Turkey. In the current order, foreign investors are working with Turks living in Europe on
telemarketing. This turns them into handicaps such as language problems and the inability to
dominate customers’ problems.
BePro insales team that works on telemarketing, customer services and renewing contracts with
clients and distributors.
BePro prides itself for developing strong relations when on the phone and when in person, which
become the foundation of long term strong working relationships.
BePro uses Professional and experienced staff so that all leads are handled well and the main focus is
turning them into a sale.
Our account managers attend the first meetings in person, keeping notes and a pipeline report, a
service which we term ‘BOS’.
Regarding the all potential renewals, accounts and dealers are followed by e-mail and calls are made
when the time is reached. We help them to create new sales opportunities.

BePro is the first and only company in Turkey that works with the clients on a face to face basis, and
then update you with Daily and weekly reports, highlighting potential strong leads.

BePro creates its own opportunities and strengthens them and the BOS + service works on
strengthening the engineering element of the client’s offering.

  • Bespoke Full Time Service where you get a dedicated person
  • We will offer you a member of staff who will also be working for other clients (we will make sure that
    the part time staff only works for 3 service providers in total and we will make sure the clients are
    not competing with each other)

  • BOS& R-BOS :  (explained above)
  • Your own sales person (with a strong background in
    account management)
  • Part time staff, with a maximum of 2 clients BOS+
  • Part time Sales Person, with a maximum of 3 clients

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