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We offer different packages for different country management requirements. We assess your requirements, aims, and budget and sort out the hassle of figuring out how many staff you need, whether they are going to be full or part time, and how best they are going to achieve your targets.

The moment you start working with us, you will start gaining in multiple ways.
Free services we include in our packages of BePro services ;

  • Office SupportWe aim o help you lessen your initial investment, by offering you a free office address, accountancy, law and HR services so that you do not have to spend extra on these.
  • Selecting A DistributorWe first select 3 of the most suitable distributors for you from our extensive portfolio of distributors. Once we make the final selection together with yourselves we help set up the agreement, and then we manage the distributors’ activities, and report back to you monthly.
  • Developing ChannelsFrom the 500 plus resellers that we have in our BePro Portfolio, we choose the best 3 resellers  and manage your first meetings with them. We help strengthen this bespoke network for you and help with all certifications processes. Depending on your requirements you can also choose dedicated or shared channel manager services to have a larger channel network.
  • Marketing SupportWe offer market analyses and budget planning for the best routes to market for you free of charge. From the market research we conduct, we then develop a calender of activities and events, with the most appropriate selection for you brand. You only need to decide what is best for your budget, and then we can even take on the marketing activities for you and attend the events for you.
  • Sales Support
    1. During this process of entering into and developing in a new market we add value through BOS. Depending on the package you choose we might also offer this free of charge.
    2. We take on the register management, and one of our Account Managers will oversee the register requests, qualify the registers and assess them. Depending on the package you choose we might offer the register management free of charge.
  • What is BOS?Our telemarketing team work on developing high quality sales leads for you. The sales leads are then strategically directed to the most appropriate reseller. This service not only helps you increase your customer portfolio but also by increasing brand awareness at your channel, helps to raise up sales.
  • Renewal SupportIt is difficult to manage keeping clients and also finding new clients. So we work on a long term strategy for brands. Therefore our deal is that we follow your renewals, and work towards customer satisfaction and continuty.

In the traditional format, the management of a new country is handed over to one ‘country
manager’, and success is very much dependent on that one person’s personal attributes, skills and
connections. Usually one ‘country manager’ will focus on the top 20 potential clients and
telecommunications companies. But this is not enough.Managing big, medium and small companies
is also valuable as well as managing macro companies. We increase your brand presence and gain
you time.

BePro takes on the country management in a corporate manner. We create a team for the
country together and then offer you a wide selection of free services that will help you achieve your
targets quicker. We offer micro and macro management at the same time so that you can rest
assured that all areas are being covered expertly.
We also take away the burden of Office management, accountancy, law and HR
responsibilities so you dont have to get involved with those details. As a result you won’t end up
having to deal with last minute surprises and unexpected expenses.
Achieving all the services we offer, would not be done with only a country manager. We offer
you a team to tackle multiple areas all at the same time.

If you have request us for a technical team, we can offer support to your distributors in
demos and pocs, and we can help with technical training and certification processes.
At the end of each quarter our Post Sales Manager visits clients and checks that your
products are working smoothly, which will help you increase your brand value amongst clients. We
work a hundred percent for customer satisfaction.

We offer 3 different Service options;

  • Dedicated Service: We will offer you a dedicated Professional for each position (country manager,
    channel manager, account manager, pre and post sales technical staff etc).
  • Shared Service: We might offer you a shared Professional who will also be working for 2 other clients
    also. (we will make you sure that these clients are not competing with each other).
  • Our BOS+ Service (that includes dedicated telemarketing, and sales management):
    Our telemarketing team will seek high quality leads for you. And then hands these over to the sales manager. The sales manager will then turn the leads into a meetings and then into a Project. Further to this, the Project will be directed to the right distributor and we will manage the
    Project externally. We will report the developments to you consistently. During our contracted time with you, we will continue to manage and report on the projects we have directed to the distributor.