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When you invest in a new market, it is imperative to have a strong distribütör network. BePro’s portfolio has over 500 accredited distrubutors who are established and are reputable in the market. BePro is also growing by adding new companies to its eco system and enriching its current portfolio everyday.

Channel Sales Management:

We integrate you into our distributor network and choose the most suitable distributors for your product. The Channel Manager we allocate you will help you make your acocunt mapping and sales processes speedier and more efficient. In addition the channel manager will attend customer meetings, set up campaigns, run promotions and set up csr acivities to keep your brand in a high profile position.

Channel Engineer:

We can offer some solutions for improving your channel technically.
We can offer you dedicated technical experts.
We can organise technical training and certification processes for all of your resellers.
We can set up efficient activities so that your resellers become more technical helping them compatible into the eco system.

BePro is the first and only company offering this service. BePro helps you choose the service that suits your budget best, and helps you start earning straight away. BePro,with it’s own expertise, is able to help you choose the most appropriate distributors for your brand
BePro helps you by saving time and increasing your sales simultaneously.

If you have a limited budget, and would only like to start with Channel Management, this package is for you. We will allocate you a channel manager, who will help you choose the best distributors and manage the whole process. In addition, with our BOS Service,we help you grow speedily by managing the channel network and adapting it to sales.

  • Dedicated Service: Dedicated Proffesional who only works for your brand.
  • Shared Service: We might offer you a shared Professional who will also be working for 2 other clients also. We will make you sure that these clients are not competing with each other