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This is what we do best! Whilst it may be difficult for you to do this in a new market, for us, due to our connections with all our accounts, it is easy.
With the additions to the classification system in our process, the inside sales team always supports our channel managers. Sometimes they organize meetings while presenting the opportunity. In short, if you have a team that assists your account manager, they don’t just focus on closing deals.

So what do you focus on?

BePro experts use their own databases. This database covers the whole country’s market and has been successful for many years. This expertise leads you to success.

Compared to a channel manager, we have more dominance in the market. Therefore you might be a leader in the sector with long years of experience without staying dependent to one person. We help you to create new channel opportunities and solve problems that are linked to pipelines.

BePro offers very high quality customer service and offers post sales as well, consistently offering solutions to new problems the client may be facing.

We have 2 options:

  • Dedicated service : we offer you a member of staff who then only serves you.
  • Shared service : We will offer you a member of staff who will also be working for other clients (we will make sure that the part time staff only works for 3 service providers in total and we will make sure the clients are not competing with each other)

Inside sales team will support and assist the account managers

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